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An Engagement Photo Session With Brittney and Kyle

I had the pleasure of spending some time with Brittney and Kyle during their engagement photo session. Those two make a wonderful couple and were a pleasure to shoot. We started at Faust Park in Chesterfield, MO. Brittney and Kyle are planning a rustic, country-style wedding and wanted their engagement shoot to match the wedding theme. Faust Park fit the bill perfectly and offered Brittney and Kyle many different backdrops to utilize during their engagement photo session.
Brittney's and Kyle's Engagement Session

Brittney Roping Kyle

Brittney and Kyle Walking Through the Tall Grass

As we were setting up for a set of shots by one of the old cabins on the park grounds, we found ourselves racing against the weather. Despite the storm that was rolling in, we still had some time to get in many great shots before we had to pack up and end early.

Kyle and Brittney in Front of a Barn

We scheduled a rainout date for the second location that Brittney and Kyle had chosen for their engagement session. On the rainout date, I met up with Brittney and Kyle at Quail Ridge Park in St. Charles county, MO. We started down the trail that loops by the Quail Ridge Lodge and gazebo. The weather that day was very nice. We found some great spots to stop and do photos on the trail. By the end of the loop, Brittney and Kyle had picked out a number of great spots for photos. I could tell they were excited about the photos we had done that day and I was looking forward to sharing those photos with them.

Part 2 of Brittney's and Kyle's Engagement Photo Shoot

Brittney and Kyle on the BridgeBrittney and Kyle in the Gazebo

Brittney and Kyle Under a Tree by the Gazebo

Brittney and Kyle Set Amongst the Wildflowers

There is also a short video slideshow from Brittney’s and Kyle’s engagement photo session that you can watch below.


Congratulations on your engagement Brittney and Kyle!

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Maternity Shoot with Colleen and Brian

Back at the beginning of August, I did a maternity shoot with Colleen, a model that I have worked with in the past. The last shoot that I did with Colleen was a collaboration on an old Hollywood-styled theme that we shot at Forest Park in St Louis. At that time Colleen was just a few months pregnant and just beginning to show a bump; but from the images that we took during that shoot you’d have never noticed. Colleen and I talked about possibly doing a maternity shoot later in her pregnancy when she was showing more of a bump. I was extremely happy when Colleen reached out to me and asked if I would do a maternity shoot with her. For the maternity shoot, Colleen brought her boyfriend, Brian, out with her. We chose to meet at the river front in historic St Charles, MO, because of the multitude of great portrait locations. I had shot there before and knew that we would be able to make some beautiful images with the two of them in several spots. We started out early in the morning before the crowds arrived since it is a popular area. As we moved from location to location, I couldn’t help but think that Colleen and Brian had been together for a long time because of the way they interacted with each other. The connection between the two of them was quite palpable, making it easy to capture their love for one another in the images we created. I just loved the way the two of them relaxed with one another in front of the camera and allowed their feelings to show through in the photos. You’ll find a few photos from the maternity shoot with Colleen and Brian here, as well as a video slideshow from their maternity shoot. I hope you will join me in congratulating these two on their future addition to their family.

Colleen's Maternity Shoot    Colleen and Brian posing under a tree during their Maternity Shoot

Colleen and Brian showing their love for each other


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Emily and Sean’s Wedding – 1st Sneak Peek

When I first meet up with Emily and Sean at the Missouri Botanical Garden in Saint Louis for their engagement photo session, I had no idea that I was about to meet a couple that could actually start out their story with “This one time at band camp…” After learning that, I could not wait to photograph their wedding in July.

Emily and Sean make a great couple. Sean works as a customer service rep for a music company in the Chicago area and Emily is a teacher. Both of them graduated from ISU. Both have music in their blood. And, most importantly, both are in love with the other. It didn’t take long for July 28th to arrive and it was a beautiful day. The weather in the Chicago area can be hot and humid in the summer, but not that day. It started out somewhat overcast and in the low 70s. The weather was perfect for Emily and Sean’s wedding day. We started out the day doing some group photos in the Prayer Garden at the First United Methodist Church in Downers Grove, Il.

Prayer Garden at Emily and Sean's Wedding  Photo of the groom, groomsmen, ushers, and fathers

It didn’t take long for the group to loosen up and start joking around.

Photo of the groom and the groomsmen

Soon, the groom and the groomsmen were joined by the bridesmaids for some quick group shots and shortly after that, Sean took leave of the group. At that point the bride joined everyone else for a couple of quick group shots.

Bridesmaids, Groomsmen and Flower Girl  Bride, Bridesmaids, Flower Girl, and Groomsmen

Then it was on to the wedding ceremony.

Bride and Father of the Bride

And what a lovely ceremony it was.

Bridal party during the ceremony  Bridal Party, Minister and Witnesses

I look forward to sharing some additional photos in the next sneak peek from Emily and Sean’s wedding.

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Spring Time is Portrait Time

Spring is finally here!  It’s time to get outside and take some photos because spring time is portrait time.  It was with that thought in mind that Bill Jacobs Volkswagon asked me if I would contribute to an article they were writing on taking great photos in the Spring.  I was honored to be included in their article along with a few other photographers in the Naperville area.  To read the full article, head over to the Bill Jacobs VW blog.

Bill Jacobs VW Blog - Spring Time is Portrait TIme

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Sneak Peek – Kinney Family Portrait

Here’s a quick peek at the wonderful family portrait session we had with Elizabeth, Jeff, Tom, and Charlotte last Saturday at Frontier Park in St Charles, MO.  Despite being a little cooler than expected, it was still a lot of fun creating these wonderful images with the Kinney family.


Kinney Family Portrait - Frontier Park

Kinney Family Portrait - Frontier Park

Kinney Family Portrait - Frontier Park

Kinney Family Portrait - Frontier Park

Tom and Charlotte were so cute.  We look forward to being able to do another portrait session with the Kinney family in the Spring!

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A Portrait Shoot with Jacob Parrish

Lifestyle Portrait with Jacob ParishIf you follow Russ Leaich Photography on Facebook, you may be aware that we were in Chicago, IL and LaCrosse, WI / LaCrescent, MN recently.  On our leg through LaCrosse, WI / LaCrescent, MN we had the opportunity to do a portrait shoot with Jacob Parrish, a web developer and graphic designer.  Jacob has been involved in web development and graphic design for nearly 10 years.  You can visit Jacob at Jacob Parrish Dot Com to learn more about his services and what he does.  Jacob is also a good friend of ours here at Russ Leaich Photography and even helped to get our website launched.  To say that we were looking forward to doing this portrait shoot with Jacob would be an understatement…We were downright excited about doing this portrait shoot!  Finding locations in the LaCrosse / LaCrescent area was not that difficult, but finding locations that wouldn’t be packed with people was a different story. See, our trip to the LaCrosse / LaCresent area happened to coincide with the LaCrosse Oktoberfest which made for some interesting sights and interruptions.  Needless to say, we found some great spots with minimal interruptions to do portrait shots with Jacob.  By the end of the shoot, Jacob was really getting into the whole process of scouting a location, setting up and getting down to business. Here are a few of the shots from Jacob’s portrait session.

Lifestyle Portrait with Jacob Parish

Lifestyle Portrait with Jacob Parish

Lifestyle Portrait with Jacob Parish

Lifestyle Portrait with Jacob Parish

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