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A Quick Look at Brittney and Kyle’s Wedding in Wentzville

Getting Ready for the Wedding

They say rain on your wedding day is good luck. Well if that’s the case, then I am sure that Brittney and Kyle had some luck come down on their wedding. The day started with everyone getting ready at the Fairfield Inn and Suites in Wentzville, MO. For the groom and groomsmen, that meant relaxing for a little bit and then getting dressed. The groom wore a purple plaid tie, while the groomsmen wore purple ties. Each of the groomsmen received a hatchet as a gift. For the bride and the bridesmaids, that meant getting hair and makeup done, then going over to the church for the bride to finish getting ready. For the wedding, the Brittney wore a pair of brown and turquoise boots with her wedding dress. The bouquets’ purple flowers complimented the groom’s and groomsmen’s ties.

Brittney and Kyle Getting Ready

Brittney and Kyle’s Wedding

The wedding ceremony took place at Peine Ridge Church in Wentzville, MO. Peine Ridge Church is an older church with a lot of character and was an awesome fit with Brittney and Kyle’s wedding style. The church was filled with friends and family, all of them there to witness Brittney and Kyle’s wedding and the love the two share for one another. It was a beautiful wedding ceremony!

Brittney and Kyle's Wedding Ceremony at Peine Ridge Church

The Reception at Bear Creek Golf Club

After the wedding, love was in the air everywhere during Brittney and Kyle’s reception at Bear Creek Golf Club. Everything was set up beautifully in the clubhouse for the reception. The DJ did a great job of keeping up the energy level and making sure everyone was having a great time. And if that wasn’t enough, the scenery outside the clubhouse was spectacular. The rain just couldn’t put a damper on this couple’s love. Brittney and Kyle stepped outside to get some fantastic photos in the rain. You can just see their love shining through!

Britteny and Kyle's Reception at Bear Creek Golf Course

Congratulations Brittney and Kyle! 

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An Engagement Photo Session With Brittney and Kyle

I had the pleasure of spending some time with Brittney and Kyle during their engagement photo session. Those two make a wonderful couple and were a pleasure to shoot. We started at Faust Park in Chesterfield, MO. Brittney and Kyle are planning a rustic, country-style wedding and wanted their engagement shoot to match the wedding theme. Faust Park fit the bill perfectly and offered Brittney and Kyle many different backdrops to utilize during their engagement photo session.
Brittney's and Kyle's Engagement Session

Brittney Roping Kyle

Brittney and Kyle Walking Through the Tall Grass

As we were setting up for a set of shots by one of the old cabins on the park grounds, we found ourselves racing against the weather. Despite the storm that was rolling in, we still had some time to get in many great shots before we had to pack up and end early.

Kyle and Brittney in Front of a Barn

We scheduled a rainout date for the second location that Brittney and Kyle had chosen for their engagement session. On the rainout date, I met up with Brittney and Kyle at Quail Ridge Park in St. Charles county, MO. We started down the trail that loops by the Quail Ridge Lodge and gazebo. The weather that day was very nice. We found some great spots to stop and do photos on the trail. By the end of the loop, Brittney and Kyle had picked out a number of great spots for photos. I could tell they were excited about the photos we had done that day and I was looking forward to sharing those photos with them.

Part 2 of Brittney's and Kyle's Engagement Photo Shoot

Brittney and Kyle on the BridgeBrittney and Kyle in the Gazebo

Brittney and Kyle Under a Tree by the Gazebo

Brittney and Kyle Set Amongst the Wildflowers

There is also a short video slideshow from Brittney’s and Kyle’s engagement photo session that you can watch below.


Congratulations on your engagement Brittney and Kyle!

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Emily and Sean’s Wedding – 2nd Sneak Peek

Here is, what I am sure you have all been waiting for, the 2nd sneak peak from Emily and Sean’s wedding. The ceremony at First United Methodist Church in Downers Grove, Il was beautiful.

Usher and Aisle into the Chapel

The officiant for the ceremony was Reverend Nick, who had previously ministered at First United Methodist Church and knew Emily and Sean quite well. This familiarity brought a sense of ease that allowed for a more relaxed feel to the ceremony.

Emily and Sean at the Altar

Emily, Sean and the Wedding Party at the Altar

First Kiss and Recession

After the ceremony, we took some time to do formal photos with the wedding party and family members. It was quite nice to see everyone come together for such a joyous occasion.

Formal Family Photo

From the church, it was off to the Katherine Legge Memorial Lodge in Hinsdale, IL for the reception. The Katherine Legge Memorial Lodge holds a special place in my heart. When Emily and Sean told me they would be having their reception there, I was immediately looking forward to being there again for a wedding. I knew they would enjoy the venue very much and that we would have a lot of fun during their reception. Emily and Sean proceeded to cut the wedding cake right away at the reception.

Composite of Wedding Cake and Bride and Groom Cutting the Wedding Cake

As everyone was finishing up dinner, I noticed that the bride, the mother of the bride, and the mother of the groom had all selected shoes that matched for the reception. All three stepped outside with me so we could capture this little detail that highlights Emily’s personality so well.

The Bride's and Mother's Shoes

After dinner and the cake, everyone headed upstairs to the dance floor and continued to enjoy themselves. Emily and Sean had their first dance together as a married couple and were soon joined on the dance floor by other wedding party members.

Emily and Sean's First Dance

Wedding Guests Having Fun

As the dancing wound down, Emily and Sean prepared to leave Katherine Legge Memorial Lodge to head back to their hotel for some much needed rest before their honeymoon in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Emily and Sean Parting Photo at the End of the Reception

Please join me in congratulating Emily and Sean on their wedding!

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Emily and Sean’s Wedding – 1st Sneak Peek

When I first meet up with Emily and Sean at the Missouri Botanical Garden in Saint Louis for their engagement photo session, I had no idea that I was about to meet a couple that could actually start out their story with “This one time at band camp…” After learning that, I could not wait to photograph their wedding in July.

Emily and Sean make a great couple. Sean works as a customer service rep for a music company in the Chicago area and Emily is a teacher. Both of them graduated from ISU. Both have music in their blood. And, most importantly, both are in love with the other. It didn’t take long for July 28th to arrive and it was a beautiful day. The weather in the Chicago area can be hot and humid in the summer, but not that day. It started out somewhat overcast and in the low 70s. The weather was perfect for Emily and Sean’s wedding day. We started out the day doing some group photos in the Prayer Garden at the First United Methodist Church in Downers Grove, Il.

Prayer Garden at Emily and Sean's Wedding  Photo of the groom, groomsmen, ushers, and fathers

It didn’t take long for the group to loosen up and start joking around.

Photo of the groom and the groomsmen

Soon, the groom and the groomsmen were joined by the bridesmaids for some quick group shots and shortly after that, Sean took leave of the group. At that point the bride joined everyone else for a couple of quick group shots.

Bridesmaids, Groomsmen and Flower Girl  Bride, Bridesmaids, Flower Girl, and Groomsmen

Then it was on to the wedding ceremony.

Bride and Father of the Bride

And what a lovely ceremony it was.

Bridal party during the ceremony  Bridal Party, Minister and Witnesses

I look forward to sharing some additional photos in the next sneak peek from Emily and Sean’s wedding.

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A Portrait Shoot with Jacob Parrish

Lifestyle Portrait with Jacob ParishIf you follow Russ Leaich Photography on Facebook, you may be aware that we were in Chicago, IL and LaCrosse, WI / LaCrescent, MN recently.  On our leg through LaCrosse, WI / LaCrescent, MN we had the opportunity to do a portrait shoot with Jacob Parrish, a web developer and graphic designer.  Jacob has been involved in web development and graphic design for nearly 10 years.  You can visit Jacob at Jacob Parrish Dot Com to learn more about his services and what he does.  Jacob is also a good friend of ours here at Russ Leaich Photography and even helped to get our website launched.  To say that we were looking forward to doing this portrait shoot with Jacob would be an understatement…We were downright excited about doing this portrait shoot!  Finding locations in the LaCrosse / LaCrescent area was not that difficult, but finding locations that wouldn’t be packed with people was a different story. See, our trip to the LaCrosse / LaCresent area happened to coincide with the LaCrosse Oktoberfest which made for some interesting sights and interruptions.  Needless to say, we found some great spots with minimal interruptions to do portrait shots with Jacob.  By the end of the shoot, Jacob was really getting into the whole process of scouting a location, setting up and getting down to business. Here are a few of the shots from Jacob’s portrait session.

Lifestyle Portrait with Jacob Parish

Lifestyle Portrait with Jacob Parish

Lifestyle Portrait with Jacob Parish

Lifestyle Portrait with Jacob Parish

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A Simple Prompt

I’ve been going through my older photos that were shot when I was still using film and was surprised by a photograph I found. I had forgotten about it after all these years, but I suddenly remembered what I had said that prompted the pose I got.  It was just a simple prompt, but the result was better than anything I could have directed.  All I said was “Have you smelled these flowers? They’re wonderful!”  This was the resulting shot.

A simple prompt with a great result…I have come to really like that: simplicity.  I had a good idea about what would happen since she really liked flowers and gardening.  Granted, the shot didn’t come out perfect since her hair fell across her face slightly; but the expression I got for this shot was genuine.  We tried the shot again after she had fixed her hair, but the expression felt forced.  I knew after that experience that I had found a technique I could easily live with.

Years later I  was out doing portraits with my girlfriend in another garden.  We came across a rose bush.  I stopped to smell the roses (yes, there’s a bit of irony in that).  They had a wonderful aroma and I told my girlfriend she had to stop and smell the roses as well.  Once again, the photo presented itself and I was able to capture the moment.  It was a completely natural expression on her face, exactly what I wanted.  I hadn’t even stopped to think about exactly what kind of pose I wanted her to take up, it just happened.  I had nearly forgotten how easy a simple prompt could be, but this just drove it home again.

Keeping things simple is sometimes the best approach and can yield wonderful results.  These days I try to keep my prompting for poses as simple as possible.  I find I get the best results that way.  Keep it simple.

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