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Spring Time is Portrait Time

Spring is finally here!  It’s time to get outside and take some photos because spring time is portrait time.  It was with that thought in mind that Bill Jacobs Volkswagon asked me if I would contribute to an article they were writing on taking great photos in the Spring.  I was honored to be included in their article along with a few other photographers in the Naperville area.  To read the full article, head over to the Bill Jacobs VW blog.

Bill Jacobs VW Blog - Spring Time is Portrait TIme

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Spring Time is Portrait Time

Spring is coming.  The days are getting a little warmer and staying light longer, allowing us all start to go outside more and enjoy the day.  It is also a great time to have your portrait done.  Do it for yourself or as a gift for someone special.  Book your portrait session before April 24, 2011 and you will get a $20 print credit.  For more information on the different portrait packages, visit Russ Leaich Photography or contact Russ Leaich Photography through the form on the Contact Me page.

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A Simple Prompt

I’ve been going through my older photos that were shot when I was still using film and was surprised by a photograph I found. I had forgotten about it after all these years, but I suddenly remembered what I had said that prompted the pose I got.  It was just a simple prompt, but the result was better than anything I could have directed.  All I said was “Have you smelled these flowers? They’re wonderful!”  This was the resulting shot.

A simple prompt with a great result…I have come to really like that: simplicity.  I had a good idea about what would happen since she really liked flowers and gardening.  Granted, the shot didn’t come out perfect since her hair fell across her face slightly; but the expression I got for this shot was genuine.  We tried the shot again after she had fixed her hair, but the expression felt forced.  I knew after that experience that I had found a technique I could easily live with.

Years later I  was out doing portraits with my girlfriend in another garden.  We came across a rose bush.  I stopped to smell the roses (yes, there’s a bit of irony in that).  They had a wonderful aroma and I told my girlfriend she had to stop and smell the roses as well.  Once again, the photo presented itself and I was able to capture the moment.  It was a completely natural expression on her face, exactly what I wanted.  I hadn’t even stopped to think about exactly what kind of pose I wanted her to take up, it just happened.  I had nearly forgotten how easy a simple prompt could be, but this just drove it home again.

Keeping things simple is sometimes the best approach and can yield wonderful results.  These days I try to keep my prompting for poses as simple as possible.  I find I get the best results that way.  Keep it simple.

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