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An Engagement Photo Session With Brittney and Kyle

I had the pleasure of spending some time with Brittney and Kyle during their engagement photo session. Those two make a wonderful couple and were a pleasure to shoot. We started at Faust Park in Chesterfield, MO. Brittney and Kyle are planning a rustic, country-style wedding and wanted their engagement shoot to match the wedding theme. Faust Park fit the bill perfectly and offered Brittney and Kyle many different backdrops to utilize during their engagement photo session.
Brittney's and Kyle's Engagement Session

Brittney Roping Kyle

Brittney and Kyle Walking Through the Tall Grass

As we were setting up for a set of shots by one of the old cabins on the park grounds, we found ourselves racing against the weather. Despite the storm that was rolling in, we still had some time to get in many great shots before we had to pack up and end early.

Kyle and Brittney in Front of a Barn

We scheduled a rainout date for the second location that Brittney and Kyle had chosen for their engagement session. On the rainout date, I met up with Brittney and Kyle at Quail Ridge Park in St. Charles county, MO. We started down the trail that loops by the Quail Ridge Lodge and gazebo. The weather that day was very nice. We found some great spots to stop and do photos on the trail. By the end of the loop, Brittney and Kyle had picked out a number of great spots for photos. I could tell they were excited about the photos we had done that day and I was looking forward to sharing those photos with them.

Part 2 of Brittney's and Kyle's Engagement Photo Shoot

Brittney and Kyle on the BridgeBrittney and Kyle in the Gazebo

Brittney and Kyle Under a Tree by the Gazebo

Brittney and Kyle Set Amongst the Wildflowers

There is also a short video slideshow from Brittney’s and Kyle’s engagement photo session that you can watch below.


Congratulations on your engagement Brittney and Kyle!

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Sneak Peek – Kinney Family Portrait

Here’s a quick peek at the wonderful family portrait session we had with Elizabeth, Jeff, Tom, and Charlotte last Saturday at Frontier Park in St Charles, MO.  Despite being a little cooler than expected, it was still a lot of fun creating these wonderful images with the Kinney family.


Kinney Family Portrait - Frontier Park

Kinney Family Portrait - Frontier Park

Kinney Family Portrait - Frontier Park

Kinney Family Portrait - Frontier Park

Tom and Charlotte were so cute.  We look forward to being able to do another portrait session with the Kinney family in the Spring!

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February in St Louis

Icicles hanging off of a Pine tree
Icicles hanging off of the needles of a pine tree

It is February here in St Louis and winter is still going strong, as evidenced by the icicles on the pine needles.  I got up early after a recent snowfall to see if these were still in place and was quite pleased to see that they had even grown a bit since I had spotted them the night before.  It’s easy to forget about the beauty that can be found around you in the winter, even just outside your doorway.  I hear many people complain about the cold, and yes, it’s not fun to trudge through the snow and ice on your way to work (if you’re going to be out playing in the snow, then that’s a whole different story and a lot more fun); but they sometimes forget that despite the cold and snow there is still something beautiful about this time of year.  As March approaches, things will warm up and the wedding season will start to pick up; yet I can’t help but feel that a winter wedding is a special and unique experience.  If you had a wedding in the winter or know of someone that did, I would love to hear about it!

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