Portrait Packages

Lifestyle Portaiture is one of the options included in the Portrait PackagesRuss Leaich Photography believes that your portrait should reflect your unique personality. Lifestyle portraiture allows us to achieve our goal of showcasing who you really are. As part of that process, portraits are typically done outside of a studio environment. We will work with you to create portraits in places that reflect who you are and bring out the spark that makes you unique. We strive to create a portrait that is vivid, engaging and descriptive of you. Our portrait packages offer a number of options that allow Russ Leaich Photography to create a package that will allow us to tell the story of you.

As part of all our portrait packages, Russ Leaich Photography will take the time to get to know you. We can help you decide on locations that will bring out your personality, whether it is for a family portrait session or your senior portraits.

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